Monday, September 7, 2009


I happened upon a garage sale the other day, I wasn't looking for anything really, just wasting time . . . the only thing impressive I found was this barely used bike trailer for . . . $20, but I got it for $15!!!!!!! I was really shocked and almost felt bad for paying them so little. I have wanted one of these for the longest time and I wasn't about to pay over $100 retail for this. The owner even put it on his bike to show me how it worked and he practically had to take it apart to get it in my car! It has a 3rd wheel and a handle bar if I want to use it as a double stroller too - we took it off for the bike. I was almost giddy driving home with it! I showed it to Carter first and he loved it, we hooked it up to my bike and he got in right away for me to take him for a spin. Campbell joined in the ride today and I must say, I need to work out! After pulling about 60 lbs. in this trailer I was done! It was fun though and hopefully will motivate me to get back to riding; at least once a week!

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Christine said...

This is FANTASTIC! You're right, these things are so hard to find used, and you got a great price. Enjoy it!!